Thursday, January 3, 2013

December: The Month that Keeps on Giving

Keeping track of all of the things I was thankful for last month was so gratifying I decided to do something similar this month.  I absolutely love this time of year.  Christmas is a truly magical time and with two little ones I definitely try to savor every last drop!  The following is a compilation of all of our holiday experiences!

  1. Oh, Christmas Tree!  Every year on December first we go out and cut down our Christmas tree.  This year we went back to the tree farm that Hubby and I first went to when we lived in our first apartment, better known as "The Shack".  T Bear so enjoyed choosing the perfect tree and watching Daddy cut it down.  This year it is a bit shorter than usual, but maybe twice as fat!  Love it.
  2. Let the decorating begin.  Now, my rule is to have the house decorated on December 1st.  Well, this was completely impossible with the Mad Man.  He was in to EVERYTHING!  We got a few things out yesterday, a few more this morning, still more this afternoon, and will hopefully continue tomorrow.  I will say that T is an awesome decorator!  She helped decorate the tree (of course, I did have to move several breakable ornaments from the bottom branches, and we lost one due to the Mad Man), and she put decorations around the house.  She especially loves my Rudolph collection!  She had to watch the movie and re-enact each scene.  Adorable.
  3. Let the decorating continue.  We are still searching for some decorations, as well as Eli our Elf on the Shelf
  4. Still decorating.  Enough said.
  5. Christmas card photo.  After several attempts I finally got the pictures I wanted!  Mad Man just wasn't in to sitting still; imagine that!
  6. Christmas tree lighting.  Hubby, T Bear, Mad Man and I headed to Main Street to see the tree lit.  Mima and Poppi met us.  We basically ate dinner, missed the actual tree lighting, and dealt with several fits courtesy of the Bear and my inability to give in to her every desire.  Ugh.
  7. Road trip to Auntie's.  T watched several holiday movies as our six hour drive to Maryland took eight hours.  Good times.
  8. Auntie's holiday party.  We had a great time listening to Christmas music, setting up for the party, and then celebrating the night away!  Both kiddos stayed up way too late!
  9. Road trip home.  Torture.  More holiday movies, but still torture with two over tired munchkins.
  10. Music Monday.  In my attempt to engage both children I try to do musical activities every Monday.  T lost interest in my Christmas song singing, but Mad Man liked playing with the instruments. 
  11. Let the wrapping begin!  Although I am not finished shopping I thought it would be a good idea to get started wrapping.  Let me say it is slow going.  T has been helping put bows on, but Mad Man just wants to grab the paper and ribbon!
  12. Cookie time!  T and I made some cookies.  Of course she only ate the store bought reindeer sugar cookies!  I cannot believe that she wouldn't try the yummy caramel apple cookies!  Mad Man enjoyed the reindeer cookie - perhaps too much, because he spit it up about half an hour later! 
  13. Arts and crafts.  T and I made some ornaments!  She is so crafty!
  14. More arts and crafts.  We broke out the red and green sand and T went to work!  She wanted to make something for my Nana.  So sweet.
  15. Christmas movies.  T is partial to Rudolph, my favorite is 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  T Bear has also been into Arthur's Christmas.  Truthfully, we have been watching Christmas shows and movies every day, and will continue to right through the rest of the month.  Love it!
  16. Watching the reindeer.  I heard of a really cool website on the Today Show:  T Bear loved seeing the reindeer and watching Santa feed them.  So cool!   I will admit that I probably looked at the site much longer than T; seriously so cool!
  17. Shopping trip to Binghamton.  Quite the all day excursion, but we got a picture with Santa and completed most of our shopping.  Thank you Mima and Poppi!
  18. Organizing presents and wrapping!  Luckily, Mad Man enjoys the ball pit so that gives some time to wrap presents fervently!
  19. Wrapping presents...takes forever!  T finally finished composing her letter to Santa!  It only took her two weeks; she certainly is a girl who knows what she wants!
  20. Trip to the Post Office to mail Christmas cards.  Dinner and presents with two of our favorite people!
  21. More shopping.  Luckily, we only had to venture out to two stores.
  22. Last minute shopping = done.  Wrapping = done.  Let the fun begin!
  23. Breakfast with Santa at The Neptune Diner.  Super sweet Santa.  Good time with Mima and Poppi.  Then, Christmas with Hubby's side of the family (well his Dad's side).
  24. Christmas Eve.  Most of the day we were able to relax and hang out.  T Bear wanted her hair curled for the first time: so cute!  Then we went to Hubby's mom's house for a celebration, and then my parent's house for another celebration.  By the time we got home we were exhausted and T Bear woke up in the middle of the night super sick.  Poor thing.
  25. Christmas day began around 7:30.  T was so sick but tore through the presents!  Mad Man was not very interested in the whole thing; he would play with the toy after it was opened.  After our Christmas we headed to my parent's house for more Christmas!
  26. T Bear was still quite sick, so we lounged at home and then went to my parents house for our traditional Christmas dinner (always the day after Christmas).  We also had a few more presents to open!  The kids and I decided to have a sleep over since it was so snowy!
  27. Relaxing and spending time with family!  In spite of a sick T Bear (who had spread the wealth, so to speak, to most of the family), and a borderline sick Mad Man, we had fun!
  28. More lounging.  Brooks dinner take-out and games:  Bezzerwizzer.
  29. We spent the day re-cooperating, and saying good-bye to Auntie, who had to brave the elements to return to Maryland.
  30. Kiddos and I headed back to Mima and Poppi's to play with Christmas toys, relax, and have a yummy dinner courtesy of Mima!
  31. New Year's Eve.  Our day consisted of playing in the snow, relaxing, Chinese food for dinner, and games with Hubby and T Bear.  We also decided to ring in 2013 as a family at 9:00.  We did a countdown and cheered as the clock struck nine! 
This month was awesome, but also exhausting!  Still, I can't wait for next year!

High:  Experiencing the magic of the holidays with my babies.
Low:  Still feeling like there is just not enough time in a day (when do we relax?)

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