Thursday, May 16, 2013

Disney Vacay 2013: Day 2

Day two at Disney started off in a whirlwind.  We had scheduled a character breakfast at 'Ohana at the Polynesian Resort with the whole softball team and chaperones - twenty two people in all.  So, in order to get there on time we had to leave an hour and a half early.  We managed to get everyone out the door, on the bus to the Magic Kingdom (there is no direct line of transportation) for our 9:30 reservation.  The bus was there quickly, but was super crowded.  I had Mad Man in the Bjorn and had to stand.  Let me say my biceps had quite the workout holding on to the two straps above me!  Balancing was quite interesting.  From the bus we walked past the entrance to the Magic Kingdom (not an easy task for this Disney fanatic) and got on the monorail.  T definitely enjoyed all of the sights, but was getting very hungry.  Once at the Polynesian we had to wait a while for our reservation.  T was beyond at this point, but held it together pretty well.  Let me say that the Polynesian is awesome; I would love to stay there some day. 

We had a section in 'Ohana with three big tables.  The servers brought out huge portions of scrambled eggs, Mickey waffles, hash browns, bacon, and sausage.  There was also fresh fruit with a yummy dip on the table, along with sticky buns.  Everything was delicious!   I particularly loved the juice.  The food, however, was only half of the experience!  The characters were fantastic!  We got to see Mickey, Lilo, Stitch, and Pluto. Each character comes around to the table and interacts with the kiddos - it was incredible.  T has never been excited about big characters - she won't sit on Santa's lap or the Easter Bunny and some Halloween costumes on adults even scare her.  However, at this breakfast she was all about the characters.  She hugged them, posed with them, and talked to them.  Mad Man on the other hand was not feeling it!  He has sat on Santa's lap with no problem, but once Stitch came up behind him and breathed on his head he was done with the characters!  They also invite the kids to do a conga line around the restaurant - T and I loved it!  The character breakfast is so worth it!  Loved it!!!!

After breakfast we headed back to the hotel.  We hung out and did a little swimming.  The team headed off to the fields for their night games.  The kiddos and I were on our own!  Da da dah...  We continued swimming, lo and behold T had to go potty again!  So, in another mad dash back to the room we made it - however, we lost one of her brand new sandals along the way.  Ugh.  So, after my little lecture about taking care of stuff and not rushing Mommy and any other grievance I had at the moment, we retraced our steps and miraculously found the lost sandal.  At this point I felt guilty for being so hard on her, after all she is only four.  So, we decided to play in the sand for a while.  It was a lot of fun watching Mad Man try to navigate the unfamiliar terrain and T Bear had a blast rolling in the sand and digging in it.  We ended up having a great time on our own!

As dinner approached, I reminded T Bear that I would need a big four year old since I was alone.  We made our way to the restaurant.  Luckily, a few nice young men held the doors for me since the double stroller is beyond difficult to maneuver through doorways!  I didn't really have a game plan on how to carry all of the food, but I figured it would work out and it did.  One of the servers offered to carry my tray to each station, which was so nice.  Then I realized they had lids, so I was able to load everything in the stroller and head off!  Success.  Now T Bear generally does not eat well and meals are laborious to say the least.  She must have sensed that she needed to do a good job, so she ate her whole dinner, Mad Man ate his and I was even able to finish my meal (unheard of!).  Although, I will note that the broccoli rabe was nasty!  As a reward for such a great dinner we went to the hotel store (which T had been begging to do...I mean the poor girl barely has any toys - note my sarcasm!).  T picked out a fancy Minnie Mouse doll and we found a Mickey Mouse for Mad Man.  I was feeling pretty good about my single parent adventures.  So, we decided to head to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to see Hubby's game. 

I didn't dare bring the stroller on the bus, so I Bjorned Mad Man and T had to walk.  I had clearly forgotten just how long the walk was!  Poor little thing; it felt like we walked forever and the temperature was quickly dropping.  We made it and stayed for the end of the first game.  After the game, T chatted with the girls and played for a few minutes on the field.  Well, she must have used up her quota for good behavior because when I told her it was time to leave she threw a fit and told me that she wanted me to go to heaven.  Nice. No more Mrs. calm nice mommy.  I pulled her close and in my stern, quiet voice told her to say good bye and start walking.  She did.  I do not think she has any idea of what she meant by what she said, but still.  She has an obsession with  heaven and what happens when you die, she is constantly questioning me on it.  Clearly I haven't done an adequate job explaining the whole concept!  We continued on our long trek home.  We were just about freezing and made the long journey back toward the bus.  Of course, with my oh so on point sense of direction we went down the wrong path and ended up in what seemed to be a restricted area with Atlanta Braves trucks pulling out.  This was the only time during the whole trip that I felt unsafe.  It was dark, there was virtually no one around, and I was by myself with two little ones.  My senses were definitely on high alert.  We arrived back to the hotel and ended the day on a good note snuggling in bed.  Phew.

High:  The triumph I felt after managing all afternoon and evening on my own (even though I do it all the time at home - being on vacation somehow makes it different)!
Low:  That heaven comment. 

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