Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mommy Wonder: Little Squirt

Everyone warned me (or at least I think they did) that baby boys will pee on you when you change them. Clearly I did not listen to them.  I cannot even count how many times Mad Man got me while I was changing him or while he was in the bath.  The funny part was my amazement each time.  I was completely astounded every time I got a shot of pee in the face.  I would scream "Oh!  Oh!" while trying to cover it up.  The funniest time was when T Bear was in the bathroom with me wanting to see me change his diaper.  He really unleashed this time.  He got her, me, our dog, the walls, the changer, the floor...everywhere.  T's reaction was hilarious.  She too was completely baffled by this!  Looking back on it, it really was funny, although at the time it was quite gross.  You would think that after the first time I would have learned, but I didn't.  It took several rounds of changing my clothes and the changing table cover, and wiping down the walls, the changing table, and the floor that I started to devise a plan.  In the tub I covered his little wee willy wonka, as I have named it, with a wash cloth.  As for diaper changes I used a wipe to cover him.  Certainly not brain science, but it still took some thought!

Another time Mad Man was having an ultrasound on his wee willy wonka and I warned the technician about his spraying power, to which he casually replied, "I deal with this all the time."  To his surprise, Mad Man responded by spraying full power all over the table.  I have to say I loved my little man a little bit more at that moment!

I remember sharing my wonder with one of my good friends.  She has a grown-up son and was so thankful for me reminding of her of that.  It was something that was so present for me, and a fond memory for her.  Kind of special.

I miss those diaper changes.  It was always a surprise and I was never quite sure what was going to happen. It is quite wondrous how powerful that little thing was.  I mean nothing in the bathroom was safe!  Oh, my little squirt...literally. 

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