Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mommy Wonder: Protective Big Sister

As I have previously mentioned, T Bear did not take right away to becoming a big sister, but let me say she has become an incredible big sister.  Mad Man is truly lucky to have her in his corner.  This past week Mad Man had his fifteen month check-up.  T doesn't usually come with us to the doctor appointments, but this time we had some other stuff to do so I dragged her along.  I told her ahead of time that he was going to have to get at least one shot, because she has become super sensitive to anyone getting shots.  She was so sweet to him when we were getting ready to leave the house, explaining to him that she would be right there for him. 

Once the pediatrician came in Mad Man was very nervous.  He wouldn't sit on the table (even after Dr. B put T on the table to help him!).  So, he sat on my lap on the bench in the room and T sat next to us.  Dr. B asked T if she could examine her to help ease Mad Man into the exam.  T was quite compliant!  She let the doctor check her out, which I think did help Mad Man.  Then it was time for his shots.  Poor little guy had to endure four shots.  I put him on the table and got him dressed.  T came over to me and I moved her closer to his head and I explained that she had to stay out of the nurses way.  The nurses came over, I grabbed Mad Man's arms and tried to chat with him while they stuck his poor little legs with four needles!  He screamed, of course, and I scooped him up.  What I didn't realize was that T was clinging to my shorts and crying, because she felt so bad for him.  She was almost more inconsolable than he was.  I was able to calm them both down, thankfully, but T was obviously still upset by this episode.  She continued to ask me questions like: "Did that really hurt Mad?"  "Is he okay?"  "Why was he crying?"  "Did that nurse do a good job?  Was she good at giving shots?"  She was being so sweet.  Honestly, it warmed my heart to see her genuine concern for her little brother.  I think she is developing empathy, which I am privileged to witness.  As Poppi recently said, "I hope she can keep her sweetness in this world we live in."  God, I hope so too.

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