Saturday, July 13, 2013

Disney Vacay: Day 4

This day was definitely more of a relaxing day.  Hubby's team had two games to play, while the kiddos, Auntie, her boyfriend, and I planned our own stuff.  We took our time getting ready, having breakfast, and playing.  Then we headed to ESPN's Wide World of Sports to watch Hubby's team.  It was a chilly day, so we were not looking to stay long.  T had a blast playing in the dirt while we watched the game.  After game one we were ready to venture elsewhere.  However, T lost one of her little toys, so we spent a great deal of time circling the grounds searching for it (a few days later one of Hubby's players gave it to us as she had found it near one of the dugouts.  Amazing!).  We then decided to head to Downtown Disney for some fun and shopping.  Poor Mad Man had to just roll with everything, napping when he could.  I certainly don't keep his naps as sacred as I did T Bear's.  Child number two really gets the shaft!  Of course, he is not as routine a kiddo as she is. 

At Downtown Disney we did some shopping, especially since we had been searching for a Sofia the First doll.  T had been dying for one and they were sold out everywhere.  She actually started to cry in the World of Disney Store because we couldn't find one, in spite of the fact that we were buying a ton of other stuff!  Looking back I'm pretty sure she was just melting down from exhaustion at this point.  I was able to find out that they had one Sofia doll at Sir Mickey's in the Magic Kingdom, since we planned on going there the next day we were in luck.  That calmed her down for a while. 
The elusive Sofia the First doll!

The highlight of the evening was definitely dinner.  We were able to get reservations at T-REX.  What a cool restaurant!  The decor is so cool.  Each room is full of things to look at.  The color changing ice cavern was awesome!  We had a really great time.  After dinner we did a little bit more shopping (which included one colossal meltdown by both kiddos in one of the stores - honestly what did I expect keeping them out so late, so many nights??!) and then headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.  Overall, a pretty busy, fun-filled day!

High:  Dinner with the dinosaurs!
Low:  Meltdown, meltdown, meltdown.

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