Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More Thunderstorms...Really?

I love summer. What's not to love?  Sun shining. Swimming. The smell of sun tan lotion. BBQ's. Eating outside. Swing sets. The park. Vacation. The list goes on and on. But wait, what has been putting a serious damper on our afternoons and evenings?  Yup. Good old Mother Nature and her thunderstorms. Really, every day at nap time and bed time?  Could we just pick one?  Or how about a per week instead of multiple times in a day?  I realize this sounds selfish, but I have two little ones who are petrified by thunder and lightning. It is the hottest topic of conversation all day every day since we heard the first crack of thunder. Every loud sound Mad Man asks if it is thunder. T checks the weather app on my phone several times every day. Perhaps I could have prevented this fear more effectively, but obviously I didn't. I tried the understanding and acknowledging fear approach. I tried the distracting approach. I tried the explaining the science behind this phenomenon approach. What am I left with?  I will tell you: a two year old and a five year old who panic and scream at the first rumble of thunder; children who cling to me like I am the big thunder warrior; little ones who beg to sleep with me.  Thank you Mother Nature for this extra emotional stress, but seriously can you chill with all the storms?

High: The extra snuggle time their fear brings me. 
Low: Seeing and hearing their fear manifest itself every day and being unable to "cure" their fear. 

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