Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Frozen Birthday

Disclaimer: I started this post prior to T's fifth birthday...almost five months ago!

T Bear is turning five! This cannot be possible. I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming. Her newest obsession is Disney's Frozen (along with the majority of children in this age group!). I had planned on her having a Sofia the First birthday party, since she has been enamored by her for about a year. When she switched gears (after seeing Frozen) I was a little heartbroken. Maybe it's because I realize that I won't always have my finger on the pulse of what she likes and wants, or maybe it is because she is constantly growing and changing; either way I had a hard time switching gears. So, Frozen it is.

The plan for the party was the same as last year: kids party during the day, family party at night. It worked well last year. So, I told T she could invite any eight friends, which apparently was too hard to narrow down so we made it eleven friends. I ordered some Frozen party supplies and started Googling Frozen birthday parties! Thank God for the Internet! I found some cool printable coloring pages, and some images for Frozen inspired cakes (I really need to practice using fondant so I can create some serious birthday cakes! Maybe next year!).

Luckily, T had received the Frozen castle am some figurines as Christmas gifts, so we had plenty of things to display! With T's picky eating I had to plan the menu kind of around her, but also around the other little ones who would be there! We decided on just snacks since the party was mid afternoon! We had to postpone the party a week because T Bear was sick on her actual birthday (and the whole week), mostly all of the original guests could still make it! We actually nixed the family party! I always dream big in terms of what I envision for the party, but in actuality we pare it down so, the Christmas lights I had wanted to hang did not get hung...we survived. T dressed up in her Anna costume with braids in her hair and looked absolutely adorable (if I do say so myself)!

Here is the rundown of how it went:
1:00 - guests arrived
All the kiddos played - so fun to watch!
1:15 - scavenger hunt. We hid about one hundred pieces of paper with either carrots or chocolate pictures on them. The goal was to find food for Sven (so only take the carrots). Basically, it was a free for all!  T found the most, but I gave Frozen stickers to the top few!
1:30 - arts and crafts: I had cut out pieces of Olaf for the kiddos to color, decorate, and glue onto paper; I also had  Frozen mazes for them to do and color. They seemed to have fun (except for the birthday girl who didn't feel like she was getting enough attention at the time!). 
2:00 - snacks. On the menu: cheese, crackers, pepperoni, pretzels, fresh fruit with cream cheese dip dyed teal (I loved it, mostly everyone else was quite skeptical of it!), blue meringue cookies, marshmallows dipped in pink and blue sprinkles, and blue punch!
2:30 - pin the nose on Olaf!  Loved this game!
2:45 - snow ball throwing game through a snow hoop (I used styrofoam balls and a styrofoam hoop). Mad Man especially loved this game
3:00 - dress up time. All of the kiddos dressed up in T's was so cute to see them all!
Lots of running around and playing!
3:30 - cake and ice cream
4:00 - kiddos got picked up (some parents stayed the whole time - totally fine by me - the more eyes available the better in my book!)

Overall, it was a great party!  I'm already looking forward to next year's party!

High: Seeing T enjoy her friends and her party. 
Low: The stress I put on myself while planning and setting up a party!  

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