Friday, April 11, 2014

Sibling Sympathy Pains?

Mad Man recently had his two year well check and then had to have his finger pricked for the lead test. Unfortunately, I had to take T with me to that appointment. I warned her ahead of time regarding the procedure. I told her that Mad might scream, but that it would be short lived. She asked me a slew of questions; I was confident in my answers. We had to wait for about ten minutes and then we were called in. Almost immediately T got a look of panic on her face. She was visibly nervous. Once the technician asked me to hold Mad Man's arm out that was it. T freaked out and ran behind the curtain. Mind you I couldn't get up to get her because I had Mad Man on my lap and the technician  was cleaning his finger. I called T back and she came, but was now starting to cry. I tried to reassure her, but she wasn't having it. She essentially had a panic attack. She kept uttering the statement "I don't think I can do this." At this point I reassured her that M was fine and that the finger prick was not happening to her!  Thanks to all of T's dramatics Mad did not even notice that his finger was being pricked. He sat on my lap calm and stoic as the technician finished the procedure. Such a tough little dude. T somewhat calmed down, but then became frustrated that she couldn't see his blood. I can't keep up!  

When it was finished we had to wait for one result for just a few minutes. M said quirtly "ow...finger hurt". T insisted on removing her jacket because she was sweating from all of the drama!  On the way out M wanted a sticker, T asked if she could have one for being so brave during M's appointment!  I stood my ground and said no since it wasn't actually her appointment!  I'm convinced she was experiencing sympathy pains for her little brother. After all, she is quite the protective big sis!  I realize, of course that she has a flair for the dramatics, but in this instance I am choosing to believe the former. 

High: Witnessing how brave my little man can be. 
Low:  Feeling helpless when T was panicking. 

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