Friday, April 11, 2014

Sledding 101

By no means is this a tutorial on sledding. It is in fact a what not to do while sledding with a timid two year old and a dare devil five year old. I am not the out doorsy type, but I will venture out for my kiddos. We didn't have many decent days weather wise this winter, but there were two consecutive days that were pretty decent. They followed a storm which blanketed everything with white billowy snow. So, I decided to bundle the kiddos up and venture out. Now our yard is not ideal for sledding so we got in the van and drove to the high school. Once we arrived, I got the kiddos completely bundled head to toe as well as myself. The hill was much steeper than I realized, but Hubby assured me it would be fine. T insisted on going by herself and she did fine. Mad on the other hand is much more trepidatious and wanted me to go with him. The first run down was dicey as we toppled off of the sled once at the bottom, but then we got the hang of it. We spent a good hour sledding down and trekking back up the hill. Each run down T became braver and therefore faster. M was definitely getting more comfortable too. So, when T insisted on riding down with T, Hubby set them up. For the record I was not comfortable at all with it, but before I knew it down they went. They had a blast! They were both giggling. After a few more runs I announced that the next one would be the last. T hopped on the sled and M climbed in behind her and just like that they were flying down the hill. They landed at the bottom one flying over the other and M skidding across the snow/ice with his little face. I ran down the hill and scooped him up. Poor little guy had cuts and scrapes all over his sweet little face. With that we were done. 

Luckily M is resilient and stopped crying within a few minutes of comforting. I on the other hand am not nearly as resilient. I felt so guilty that I had allowed them go down together when I knew it wasnt safe. I know that I am over protective and hover, but hey they are generally safe and sound on my watch! It always has to be the last run doesn't it? Of course, an accident generally determines what will in fact be the last one. We will try again next year!

High: Experiencing the utter joy of sledding with my little ones. Hearing the laughter and squeals of delight. 
Low: M's poor little beat up face. 

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