Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Beauty of Sibling Play

I always feel so blessed when I am able to be a voyer and watch my little ones play together. Of course, the beautiful moment is eventually ruined by "he's not playing nice" or "that's mine," but while the moment is present I savor it and cherish it for all that it's worth. This morning I had one of these moments. Tare Bear is really good at engaging Mad Man in play so I can take a quick shower. This morning I was finishing breakfast and was able to just sit and watch them interact. T, of course, takes the lead and M follows along compliantly for the most part. They were playing with their "Sofia The First" dolls and a Little People car ramp. It was adorable. They were pretending that the ramps were slides and each of the dolls had to stand in line and wait for their turn. M mimicked every aspect of T's play, which was awesome. He is so lucky to have her; he adores her and gets so much out of playing with her. It is In these moments that I take a breath and think, okay, I'm doing somethig right raising these little people. They truly fill me with so much love.

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