Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our Elf on the Shelf 2014 Adventures: Day 26

This was our last day with Eli this year. I feel sad. I had the kiddos say good bye to him and wish him a great year. To think that the next time they see him they will be a year older is sad to me. Rationally, I know I cannot keep them babies forever, but I wish I could. I wish I could bottle up their innocence and the sweet way they talk to this little elf doll. I wish I could make them believe in the magic of the season forever. I was watching The Polar Express with the kiddos the other day, and realized I relate to the main character. I still believe in the magic of Christmas and want to instill that belief in my kiddos. Hopefully I am. 

For Eli's last location I really stumped the kiddos. I put him in Sophia the First's castle. It is near out pellet stove and the kiddos really had a hard time finding him. Mad thought he already flew back to the North Pole! With a little help they found him. Another successful year. I really love this time of the year. 

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