Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fact or Fantasy

I don't like change. At all. It is not something I embrace and it is not something I am comfortable with. So, I try to keep my babies as babies in spite of the fact that they are now six and a half and three and a half. I also have always been a fan of some of the blurred lines between fact and fiction. There was a TV show I loved - I think it was called Fact or Fiction? To me it didn't always matter if it was actually fact or fiction, I liked the entertainment value. Recently, watching Inside Out (awesome by the way if you haven't seen it!), and I laughed so hard when the boxes of facts and opinions got dumped and mixed up. There was a great line to accompany that - something like "it happens all the time." So my ability to answer all of my little ones questions is sometimes quite challenging. 

My T Bear is quite intuitive. She consistently asks questions about God and Heaven, the afterlife, and if certain things are real. I want her to maintain her childlike innocence for as long as possible. Tonight, after watching one of her favorite shows Sofia the First she asked me if wee sprites are real. Umm... There certainly is no manual for how to answer that question! I said, "yes, I think they are." Her response was, "no, they are fantasy." Wow. Okay. What does any 2015 mom do?? Google it. Thankfully the first response we found confirmed that they are in fact real but you cannot see them unless you have some crazy ability to see through their "curtain." Wow. Who writes this stuff anyway?? That answer was sufficient for now. Then I feel guilty for hiding the truth of the world from her. I want her to believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, wonder, magic...everything an innocent little girl should believe in. At what point is that wrong? Does it matter? I mean, I believed  in Santa until my parents had to literally show me that they were the ones leaving the presents. I turned out okay, at least in my own estimation!

High: Realizing just how intuitive my T is. 

Low: Facing the reality that my babies will not be innocent babies forever. 

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