Monday, November 12, 2012

My Naughty Ballerina Update

We survived parent observation day at T Bear's dance class.  Actually we did more than survive:  it was awesome!  I loved every second of it.  I can hardly believe the amount of pride I have for my naughty little ballerina!

Hubby, Mima, Mad Man, and I found a spot in the dance studio to witness the spectacle that is preschool age dance!  My good friend, Miss S (the owner of the studio) teaches the class and forewarned the little ones to behave and they sure did.  They were all good listeners and overall excellent participators. Awesome.

One of the funniest moments was when they laid on their tummies and did leg lifts.  My T Bear looked like she was going to fall asleep.  Laying with her little face on the floor she looked precious.  She later told me that she was so bored she was going to cry.  Where does she he this stuff from?  Yes I know we already established the apple tree connection.

It was also quite entertaining watching her pay attention, and then not pay attention, do what Miss S was doing and then not.  Aah the world of a three year old!  She seemed to be doing a good job - of course in this instance I will totally cop to being one of those moms who does not think her child does anything wrong!

The only glance of naughtiness that I witnessed was when they had to stand in line to wait their turn to go across the floor.  T Bear was focusing on jumping, and singing along to the songs to the mirror, and finding ways to entertain herself.  I found it to be adorable.  Hubby thought that she was probably annoying the other little ones with her singing; I disagree.  How could anyone not be totally entranced by my T Bear?  Now of course T was the first to say she had to go potty, which started the domino effect of at least half of the class heading to the potty!  Oops.

I mentioned to my hubby that she seemed to be behaving well - his response was that they always do when parents are observing.  No faith.  Miss S did confirm that this class was T Bear's best, which makes me believe she is over her naughty behavior (a mommy can dream can't she?).  Anyway you look at it, I was overwhelmed with pride.  My cheeks hurt from smiling and I snapped a ton of pictures and video clips.  I swallowed back tears as I watched these little miracles ballet walk across the studio.  It helped me to recognize that T is only three and that I might be a little unrealistic with my expectations.  She is not perfect; she is her own version of perfection and I adore her - naughtiness and all.

High:  Embracing the opportunity to see T Bear on her own in class.
Low:  The sweaty armpits and sleepless night anticipating parent observation!

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