Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh How I Miss My Pregnancy Cravings

There are many things about pregnancy that I do not miss, but surprisingly there are a few I am missing.  One of which is the food cravings.  As previously established I am a picky eater.  I rarely eat beef, never eat pork, and never onions.  When I was pregnant with T Bear I was taken aback by my cravings.  Now it needs to be stated that I had morning sickness with both pregnancies - the kind that makes you feel nauseous 24/7 for five to five and a half months, all day long.  Once I figured out that stuffing my face generally kept the nausea at bay I indulged!!  Which accounts for the forty two and fifty pounds I gained respectively with each pregnancy.

With T Bear I should have known that I was pregnant about a week before I did because food tasted so awesome to me.  I remember sitting down at eight o'clock with a huge plate of macaroni salad, potato salad, and pickles.  I continued enjoying those for a while; I also remember craving a Nerds rope during a dance recital (prior to the discovery that I was prego)!  Weird.  Then the nausea began and the cravings were even more strange.  Fast food was something I had not eaten probably since college, but I found myself ordering at Burger King and McDonald's.  Don't judge.  In the summer I had the usual cravings: pickles (oh those dill pickles were amazing),  and ice cream - the sweeter the better.  I could not drink enough sweet tea.  Also on the menu was a turkey sub with swiss cheese, mayo, pickles, olives, cucumbers, and salt and pepper - from Subway.  I also started to crave lasagna and baked ziti.  As the pregnancy progressed, so did my appetite.  Pizza was divine.  Spaghettios with franks = yum.  Cupcakes were amazing!  Oranges and orange juice were a must have on a daily basis.  My friends thought I was insane when I drank a huge glass of orange juice with the delicious pasta dinner they prepared for me.  I also found myself eating leeks in a soup a friend made for me - and I liked them!  I just went with it, no matter how strange or how gross.  

With Mad Man I was able to tell almost instantaneously that I was preggers because I literally dry heaved while making beef tacos.  As soon as I opened the meat package I was done.  The nausea set in pretty quickly and was way more intense than with T Bear.  My hubby loves to comment on how hard this pregnancy was (on him) which is when I oh so calmly remind him that I was the one with my head in the garbage can.  Men.  In the beginning there were only a few things I could eat, but they generally had to be salty.  Applebee's spinach and artichoke dip, roni rolls from one of my favorite restaurants Ruffino's (, and cheese popcorn come to mind.  Then it escalated to spaghetti and meatballs (I should have learned the first time but didn't that this meal always resulted in my head in the garbage can).  Another one of my daily must haves was chocolate soy milk, two Eggos, and punch.  Now this punch was a staple on a daily basis:  Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and rainbow sherbert.  I know.  Tacos quickly became another essential (yes I even resorted to eating tacos from Taco Bell - again don't judge).  The strangest craving that took over was chili dogs.  Now up to this point in my life I had never tried a chili dog.  Then one fall day, Hubby, T Bear and I were at the Fly Creek Cider Mill ( and he ordered one for lunch.  I couldn't get enough of it and then continuously wanted one.  Ooh they tasted sooo good!

Like with each pregnancy the cravings were very different while I began nursing too.  With T Bear I could not get enough fruit.  With Mad Man I continued the beef cravings, and generally was hungry all day!

The magic is that some food tasted so amazing while I was pregnant, much more so than any food tastes now.  Let me say I enjoyed eating (minus the nausea).  I miss having that intense desire for food.

High:  The unbelievable taste sensations!
Low:  Chasing those sensations now (to no avail!)!

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