Thursday, November 15, 2012

T Bear's Favorite Toys

My T Bear can play.  Seriously.  At the end of the day my living room looks like an actual storm has hit it!  Toys, books, stuffed animals, crayons, and other miscellaneous items cover the floor.  Sometimes she picks them up, sometimes she doesn't - not a battle I'm fighting at the moment!  I thoroughly enjoy watching her play; I think of it as a window into her mind.  I thought it might be fun to compile a list of her favorites.  Although her world is ever changing there are some things we can count on - she loves to play! 

The following are her go to's on a daily basis:
  • Vtech MobiGo:  Now I was against any sort of hand held electronic game, until I realized the educational benefits (and of course the quiet factor:  T will play this unaccompanied!)  It is great for car trips and restaurants (as long as the volume is kept down!)  There are many games to choose from and we have no complaints with the product!
  • Disney Princess Quintessential Castle:  Definitely a favorite from Christmas last year.  We got her the castle plus seven princess dolls.  She has really taken to playing with this every single day.  She doesn't always play with the princesses, but her animals hang out there, and her other smaller figurines.  Definitely worth the price.
  • Pretend Veterinarian (Battat Dalmatian Vet Kit):  We got this for T as a "gift" from her new baby brother when he was born.  Even in utero I knew that T Bear would love nature and animals and she certainly does.  This kit came with a small dalmatian puppy, and a bunch of vet tools.  T loves to examine us with the tools (even though she also has a pretend doctor kit - two actually!).  She spends a great deal of time and energy playing vet!  So cool!
  • Disney Figurines:  T probably has at least ten Disney Figure Sets.  We call them her breakable people - because yes they are breakable, and when she first started playing with them they often took flight off of things, so the name has helped us keep most of them in tact.  T loves to re-enact all of the movies she watches (and yes she watches A LOT of Disney movies) so these are perfect for her.
  • Books:  T has always loved books.  We used to read at least twice a day; since Mad Man that is considerably less - but she loves her books anyway.  She has started "reading" to us - telling us her version of the stories.  It is quite amusing.  We still read at least once a day, but not to the extent we did pre-Mad Man.  
  • Puzzles:  I am not talking easy puzzles here - she does 100+ piece puzzles on her own.  These are great for meal time.  She generally has a puzzle at the lunch table, and sometimes at the dinner table.  It is quite impressive to watch her go to work on these puzzles!  She starts with a face (of course most of her puzzles are Disney Princess!), and then works her way out!  Awesome.
  • Coloring:  T has taken quite an interest in coloring books.  She is quite good at staying in the lines, but also shows a great deal of creativity in her color choices!  We have finished front to back two different coloring books this month!  They are great because they are a cheap way to entertain!  They are also perfect for us, because I can color with T while Mad Man naps (yes, on my lap...still).
  • Stuffed Animals:  Wow, I never knew one little person could have so many stuffed animals.  She doesn't discriminate either - she has princesses, Disney characters, and pretty much every animal species imaginable.  She plays with them too - constantly.  She sleeps with them.  They have to come in the van with us wherever we go.  Her favorites change fairly regularly too!  I guess you can't go wrong with a stuffed animal - they are cuddly and cute!
  • Dress-Up:  Aah, the world of make believe for a preschooler.  T absolutely loves dressing up.  She particularly likes being a princess, but now (since watching The Wizard of Oz) she wants to be Dorothy, and (since watching Annie) she wants to be Annie.  Her dress-up trunk is full of choices, and I know will continue to grow as do her interests.  An added bonus is that it has aided in T's desire to dress herself - which we are still working on!
  • Candy Land:  By far her favorite board game!

High:  Having the privilege of watching my T Bear engage in imaginative, active play every day!
Low:  Keeping all of her toys organized!

Here are some pics of some of these toys (and where we purchased them!):

Disney Princess Figure Sets (
Disney Princess Quintessential Castle
Disney Princess Quintessential Castle (

Battat Dalmatian Vet Kit (

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