Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mad Man's Potty Mouth

It is common knowledge that I am not a sailor. I do however, on occasion, speak like one. For the most part I have been able to keep my obscene language a secret from my kiddos. Instead I say silly things like "holy moly guacamole" or "WT". It has been pretty effective. That is until my buttons are pushed to their limit and "dammit" comes out of my mouth. I didn't realize that I uttered it at all, but I'm guessing I say it more than I think because my Mad Man has mastered its use. One night a few months ago I was getting his bath ready and I heard him struggling with something in the living room. Lo and behold upon my entrance to the living room he was stamping his little yarn tangled foot repeating "dammit" over and over. Oops. While it was quite amusing to witness I decided I didn't want my two year old using such explicative words!  He continued to use his new phrase on a pretty consistent basis. Slowly I was able to phase it out by getting him to say "oh pickle juice" instead. Thank you Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

I had a few weeks with no shocking words emerging from those sweet innocent lips. Until last week. At the dinner table Mad Man dropped the F -bomb. Not once or twice, but several times, and he used it correctly.  How? How did he learn to use that word to express his anger, his frustration? I was shocked and certainly didn't know what to say. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it for fear that he would enjoy the attention and cherish his new found obscene word. I responded with something like, "we don't say that word in our family"; lies,lies,lies. The question remains "where did he pick up his new favorite word?" Was it Hubby? Poppi man (whom I questioned because he ha spent the day with the little man; he was mortified that I even asked)? I may never know where he picked up his new word, and really does it matter? It is my job now to erase this word from his current vocabulary. Wish me luck; I think I'm going to need it. Dammit. 

High: The skills my Mad Man has with the complicated English language...I'm really stretching here!
Low: The shattered innocence when my little man curses. 

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