Saturday, November 29, 2014

No Whine November

I needed a catch phrase. The whining in my house has reached new levels since T's entrance into kindergarten. I know she is tired. I know she has to be good all day. I know that she acts out at home because that is her safe place. However, all of these things put together really don't alleviate the frustration I experience when the incessant whining begins. Mad Man certainly has picked up on the power of the whine. So, now it is multiplied. That certainly doesn't help the situation. Neither does yelling. Neither do time outs. Enter my catchphrase. I used it on a daily basis as a means to quell the oncoming barrage of whines. For the most part it worked. If nothing else it kept me from losing my cool (99% of the time!). I relied on the phrase and using it provided me with the opportunity to take a breath and collect myself. Now it hasn't cured my kiddos of the use of the whine but it has helped to abate it...somewhat. 

High: Feeling like I conquered a feat (however minuscule it may be!). 
Low: Listening to the sound of whine after whine with no visible end in sight. 

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