Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Night Out: Disney on Ice

It is a well known fact that I love Disney.  All things Disney.  Having children affords me the opportunity to indulge in all things Disney.  So when I heard that Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic was coming to Binghamton I was in.  It just so happened to fall the week of T Bear's birthday, so as an added bonus it was an excuse for us to do something as a family.

Now I was a bit leery of the 7:00 start time but I figured we could roll with it.  Let's face it my kiddos are not the best sleepers anyway!  We headed to Binghamton to first purchase a bigger car seat for the Mad Man. (He is growing so much faster than T Bear ever did).  We were pretty much able to get right in and out of the store.  Of course we did have to endure a slight meltdown by T Bear because we were not focused on her while buying this car seat.  Gee, I really don't know where she gets her need for attention!!  We then headed to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  As a side note, I love the fact that they bring a plate of grapes and apples to the table for the kiddos.  Mad Man was super excited by it; T Bear could not have cared less about it!  We dined in a pretty quick manner and were in good shape to get to the arena with plenty of time to spare or so we thought. 

We didn't face much traffic getting to the arena, the problem occurred when the lot we used to park in was no longer available (granted it has been awhile since we have been to the arena).  So we turned around and headed back to the arena parking garage.  Ugh.  Traffic was completely stopped.  We watched as family after family made their way to the arena.  I was patiently answering T Bear's slew of questions on where we were going to park, when we would be there, would we miss anything, and why couldn't we just park in the street.  Believe me my patience was waning, but I knew she was super excited.  Time passed before us and now it was five of seven, so we decided to have Hubby drop us off by the arena and find a spot on his own. So in the freezing temperature I strapped Mad Man into the Bjorn grabbed my way too over sized diaper bag (which I usually don't admit is obscenely big), grabbed T's hand, and headed to the arena. I must have looked like a mad woman because the security guard opened an exit only door for us.  We made it to will call, I left a ticket for Hubby, signed for our tickets (miraculously because let's face it Mad Man is too big for the Bjorn and I was trying to keep the bag on my shoulder and T from getting lost in the crowd).  The friendly will call woman noted, "Oh gee, you have your hands full." think?  So we trudged up the stairs as fast as we could, had our tickets checked, and made our way into the crowd.  At this point T Bear became completely mesmerized by the Disney paraphernalia (I'll admit that I wanted to shop too!).  She was pretty much stopped in her tracks pointing out all of the princess dolls, lighted cups, and spinning toys.  Oh my. 

So, at this point I was almost in a complete sweat because I knew we had to get to the bathroom before the show.  T had not peed since we left home and Mad Man needed a diaper change.  Not to mention that I felt like my bladder was about to erupt, especially with my twenty four pound Mad Man sitting right on it (I felt pregnant again!).  I asked where the closest bathroom was only to find out that we had to go back down the stairs to get to it.  Seriously?!  Just as we found the stairs we heard the show start.  T was trying to pull me toward the entrance, but I ensured her that we wouldn't miss much.  I reminded her that I needed her to act like a four year old and we made it to the bathroom.  Then it got interesting.  In my haste I did not locate a large stall so we went right into be cleanest looking stall we could find.  Well, with Mad Man on my front and the ginormous bag on my hip, we did not fit into the stall.  I stood half in and half out!  T insisted on her potty seat and offered to help.  What a big girl!  Oops, there goes the seat into the toilet.  My pre-baby self probably would have left it there without touching it.  Reluctantly, I picked it up and put it back on the seat. As I attempted to lift T onto the seat, oops in it goes again.  Are you serious?!  I was beyond exasperated at this point.  So, we had to do it without the seat.  Poor T was barely on the seat, but she managed.  Then it was my turn.  Somehow we got the stall door shut and I was able to pee with Mad Man strapped to me.  But, oh how will I manage to wipe?  Not sure, but I eventually maneuvered him around so I could.  The whole time Twas trying to fold up her nasty wet potty seat.  Disgusting.  Her hair was electrified and literally stuck to the stall door and walls.  Double disgusting.  So, we finished without washing our hands.  Triple disgusting (hand sanitizer would have to do).  I grabbed our stuff and we made it back up the stairs and then down the stairs to our seats.  I was exhausted.

T couldn't keep her eyes off of the ice.  She loved every second of the show.  In fact, Mad Man was mesmerized too once he saw Mickey Mouse.  It was an awesome show.  We all enjoyed it and the family time it provided for us.  T sat up on her knees the whole time.  So cute.  Mad Man stayed awake right until the end (add breast feeding at Disney on Ice to the list).  Definitely a night to remember.

High:  Seeing the pure excitement and enjoyment on my kiddos faces.
Low:  The bathroom debacle.  

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