Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mommy Guilt: Time Out

When my T Bear was an only child she was quite well behaved.  I rarely had to discipline her, but if I did a two minute time out was sufficient.  I hated doing it.  I always felt guilty.  I basically felt that her "bad" behavior was a direct reflection of me.  Then she turned three and became a big sister.  Let's just say time outs became much more common!  There were days when she had to go to time out a few times.  I still felt guilty.  She also developed a flair for the dramatics and would even scream and rant during a time out.  This would either amp up my guilt or verify the need for the time out (mostly depending on my mood!).  I hated seeing her like that, but it was more than obvious that she needed some discipline in her life.  Now that she is four I find myself pleased with the use of a time out.  I even give myself time outs every once in a while!  I still look for reasons behind her behavior (I mean why would you bite your brother for the second time in one day??), and I still feel guilty when she does something "naughty" as we like to call it, but at least I am so much more comfortable resorting to a time out.  She knows what to expect too.  If she knows she has done something to warrant a time out she asks if she should go on the stairs...why yes you should my little bear.  I can only imagine what life would be like without time outs!  Thank you Super Nanny for all that TV training!  I guess I would rather feel guilt now to hopefully help to develop a well-behaved T.  Only time will tell!!


  1. Hi there Melissa! Found your blog on cafemom. I have used time outs on my son. He always hated them, but it helped give him the time he needed to calm down and think about the reason he ended up there. Don't feel guilty! As a mom and daycare teacher to two year olds, children really need guidance at that age to help them find empathy for others, and why it's not OK to hurt, or to treat mommy/daddy with tantrums or 'naughty' behavior. The blog looks great! Keep up the good work (:

    1. Hi Holly! Thank you for the kind words of support! As a mom it always helps to have back-up and feel like you are doing the right thing! I appreciate it! I'm glad you like my blog!!