Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mommy Guilt: Hot Dogs

I have been thinking about increasing my number of posts, but as Hubby says I am a bit wordy!  I would prefer he call me verbose, but oh well!  So I have always been someone who feels a great deal of guilt over everything (even things I really have no control over).  With mommyhood that guilt becomes so much more intense.  My plan is to write (briefly!!) about the times I am feeling mommy guilt.  I am pretty sure I will have at least one mini-post a week that points out this emotion!  Here is the first one:

Mad Man is a good eater.  I would not necessarily consider myself a good eater.  So, coming up with meals that include meat (because I really could just live on meat free pasta most of my life) is a challenge for me.  This week I have fed the poor little guy a hot dog for dinner, along with veggies and fruit, at least three nights.  Yes, I feel guilty; I mean are hot dogs really even considered meat??! I haven't even bought the turkey hot dogs, which might make me feel a little less guilty. On the plus side he does not seem to mind!  Well, at least I can recognize the guilt and vow to resort to hot dog meals maybe only once a week!


  1. I just started following you and would love if you would follow me as well! I laughed when you said your husband says you are wordy because I feel like my posts are way too long too! I just made my blog today so it is a little bare but I would love all the support I can get!! :)

    1. Hey I checked out your blog! I like it, but I didn't see a button to click on to become a follower! If you add one let me know! Good luck!!

  2. Thanks for following me! I am going to check out your blog now!!