Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

As already established I like to decorate the first of every month; this month was no different.  Oh yeah, except for the fact that we were having a birthday party for T Bear on the second, and I was doing a million and one things for that!  So, decorations went up on the fourth (blasphemous I know).  Also, my snowmen decorations are still up!  Seriously, who is running this place?!

I love to involve T Bear in the decorating process so T and I have decorated a few paper hearts, but her new saying is "No thank you Mommy.  I just want to do my own thing."  Gee thanks T!  Add that to he fact that Mad Man is into everything and the arts and crafts time has been limited.  This year she wasn't even interested in making Valentine's for her friends, or Hubby's softball players; previous years she was all about it!  I did manage to teach T to "sew" a ribbon through holes I punched into a heart.  She was really good at it once it was just the two of us working on it!  We also made the cutest picture with finger paint (I got the idea courtesy of So cute.  You use the child's forearm for the trunk, hands for the branches, and fingers for the leaves (which should look like hearts).  I love this project and would like to make it a Valentine's tradition!  Here is our masterpiece:

It is so funny what a different meaning Valentine's Day has for me now.  It is not all about romance (although that is obviously still a part of it, I mean we wouldn't be where we are if we had not fallen in love, right?) and gifts, but about really showing the people you love that you love them.  It is also about teaching T Bear and Mad Man how to love.

We surprised Hubby at work for lunch then came home and I made our traditional V-day meal: appetizers! Nothing fancy, but oh so filled with love.   I love Valentine's Day and couldn't be happier with my little loves.

High: Spending the day with my loves.
Low: Glimpsing into the future when T Bear will not be so enthused to hang out with Mommy and do such things as arts and crafts.

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