Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chaos...while Traveling

I had completely planned on a different post for this week, but seeing as how I was visiting my sister and was experiencing oh so much chaos this post seems more appropriate.  Apparently for us, the five hour drive that it should be to my sister's house takes eight when traveling with kiddos and my parents!!  All day Friday was spent in the van.  Saturday was fairly relaxing, mostly because my dad and my sister's boyfriend watched the kiddos while my sister (aka Auntie), mom (aka Mima), and I went to Ikea (God a girl can get lost in that monstormous home store haven!!).

Sunday morning the real fun began.   Mad Man woke up at 7:00 am, which even for him is early.  T slept in. The only problem was that she didn't fall asleep until 10:30 the night before.  Add that to the fact that she was up until after 11:00 the previous two nights (that ONE nap she took this week threw her whole routine into a tailspin!).  So, she was clearly operating with a sleep deficit.  Our plan was to go out for a yummy breakfast at the Silver Diner in Laurel, Maryland.   Love this place.  T woke up in a good mood, but things deteriorated quickly.  She cooperated while getting dressed, but she was hungry, so Poppi (my dad) got her a Pop Tart (her favorite) and some Cocoa Puffs.  Well, he broke the Pop Tart into too many pieces which caused a huge melt down.  Mad Man had already been melting because he was now ready to go back to sleep.  Ugh.  So amidst the tears and screaming I packed the diaper bag for the day (we were planning on a shopping extravaganza after breakfast!).  Somehow she came around (I believe with Mima's assistance). Crisis one: diverted.  We were about ready to leave when T Bear couldn't hear her favorite show and asked Auntie to turn it up.  The answer was no because we were leaving.  Crisis two: full blown melt down.  Once we calmed the fire we were out the door.  We had enough foresight to bring two cars in case we needed a quick get away for the kids, so I decided to ride with my sister.  Big mistake.  T Bear apparently had a colossal meltdown because I was not riding with her.  Inconsolable, from what I was told.  Mad Man had fallen asleep.  So, we all arrived at the diner and by them miraculously no one was crying!!  Score. We walked toward the entrance and realized that there was a twenty minute wait and no where to sit inside to wait.  Mad Man woke to the wind whipping his face.  So, my dad, the kids, and I headed back to the van to wait.  We endured a few melt downs by Mad Man and then our table was ready.  We love this diner in part because of the food and also in part because of the fun atmosphere!  Mad Man was miserable from the second we sat down!  T Bear kept asking me, "Why did that mean Auntie want you to ride with her?  I wanted you with meeeee".  Oh, the drama.

The rest of the day seemed to go on like normal.  Just when I thought the chaos was over we went to dinner.  Dinner itself was fine - no melt downs and both kiddos ate.  Then we headed out toward the van.  Now, Poppi had given his phone to T Bear so she could watch some Disney YouTube videos, which was fine.  The problem occurred when I took the phone so we could walk safely to the van.  This action was not well received.  T whined about it, but conceded and continued toward the van.  She started crying and saying, "Mommy you took my phone away.  I need it baaack".  I can see how this will play out when she actually has a phone and it is taken away.  Oh boy - something to look forward to!  Poppi was strapping Mad Man in, but had trouble so Auntie stepped in.  Poppi climbed in the back, then I climbed in behind him and slid the seat back.  So we were essentially caged for the episode that was about to begin.  Mima climbed into her seat in between the kiddos and the fun began.  Auntie tried to get T into the van, but she wanted to watch the airplanes in the thirty degree temperature (the restaurant is near an airport so there were lots of planes).  So, she threw a fit.  Auntie tried to talk and reason with her as did I from the way back seat.  Nothing was working.  Auntie had no choice and picked her up, T screaming the whole time.  Auntie thought she had hurt her, so she bent down to ask her and T looked her square in the eyes and let out the loudest scream you could imagine.  Right in her face!  Then T swatted at her (T's words!  Just like a cat would do!). Auntie put her in and shut the door.  I literally felt trapped in the back and had no control over the situation. Eventually the fit ended and we headed back to Auntie's house.  Oh, good times.

The rest of the weekend went fairly well.  We experienced a few melt downs in the van on the long ride home, but nothing too extraordinary.  I am definitely beginning to think that I am insane thinking that any trip will go smoothly.  T is a child of routine and throw her off a little and this is what you get.  Mad Man has to roll with all that we do, but you have to expect some serious wailing after being confined in a van and/or restaurant from the little mover.  Even though it was crazy I know I will plan more trips in the future and feel that the craziness is all worth it (even if I want to pull my hair out at the time!)

High:  Getting to celebrate Auntie's birthday with her with my babies.
Low:  The swatting incident (even though it had me laughing uncontrollably!  Who says swat??!).

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