Sunday, February 17, 2013

C-Section: The Aftermath

Seeing as how I was completely blindsided by my first c-section I was not at all aware of the recovery process involved.  Let me tell you that it was not enjoyable.  Sorry.  Let's begin with the first few hours after surgery.  I had trouble hearing.  I was shaking so much that I felt like I was experiencing serious air turbulence for about an hour.  When I finally was brought up to my room I was still completely out of it.  I do not remember most of those first few hours:  dazed and confused.  Another bonus:  the intense swelling of my body.  My feet were the size of engorged cantaloupes and continued right up to my swollen ankles and calves.  Highly attractive.

I was also immobile for quite some time.  This meant that I got to have the oh so lovely catheter as part of my ensemble for days.  Too long if you ask me.  Random doctors and nurses would come in to check on my recovery and the incision.  I'm pretty sure I flashed more people during my three day hospital stint than most do in the course of their lifetime.  Then there are the mesh undies which hold the ginormous sanitary pads in place.  Not to mention being unable to shower for way too long.

I do remember being pushed to walk around, which was really the last thing I wanted to do.  I waddled down the hallway, not even close to being upright.  Hubby was so proud - he really was.  I was unable to stand upright for days and days and had to shuffle my feet.  Also, my incision was disgusting and almost looked like it was not closing properly, so several nurses and doctors had to look at that as well.  Good times.  Once I was able to shower that was a joke.  Thank God for my sister who endured the torture and helped me through his process.  Not only did I stink, but upon standing for some time attempting to shower gravity takes action and helps to eliminate some of that post baby "stuff" (for lack of a better term).  Gross. Plus, I could only manage standing for brief periods of time so I had to sit on one of those special hospital shower seats.  I even used our kitchen stool to shower once I was home.  I used that thing for weeks.  Now, there was also the fact that I had not packed my hair dryer because I was not planning on the emergency c-section and I did not think to ever have anyone bring it.  My hair looked terrible - those pictures are certainly not what I had envisioned (vain, I know, but oh well).  I also thought I would bounce right back, but the doctor gave me all of these warnings and precautions to follow, and me being the rule follower that I am followed them to a tee.  No driving.  No stairs.  No lifting anything except the baby (I kind of liked that one!).  Lots of rest (really? With an infant that wants to eat every one and a half to two hours?  I don't think so.

I remember starting to feel like myself about a month and a half later, but it seemed to take forever and was much more of a process than I was expecting.  Now, this is not to say that I was miserable during that time, but I was definitely resentful that I did not get to experience natural child birth. 

I have to say c-section number two went much smoother from beginning to end.  There could be many reasons for this- different doctor, knowing what to expect, having it planned, who knows.

I still wish I could have delivered naturally but that was not in the cards.  Regardless, I have two beautiful babies and would go through it all again.

High: Seeing each baby for the first time. There is truly nothing like it.
Low: The anxiety I felt while going through the birth of my T Bear/the recovery process (sorry this one gets two lows!!).


  1. Were you put completely out? My daughter was almost a month early - emergency c-sec as well. I was awake and alert the whole time. Afterwards, I was just so freaking hungry, I was snapping at everyone. I was so irritated.
    The "best" part of being numb from the boobs down was when the nurse asks if anyone has washed you and she's all up in your stuff cleaning you. I remember saying "Wow. This sucks." Being cath'd sucks. Even worse is when they first take it out. You're still wobbly from being numb for 2 days and they expect you to *ahem* haul ass to the bathroom.
    My docs gave me this pain ball thingy. It was a miracle. Everyone said how much pain they were in with their scar but I never had any pain or felt a thing.
    Oh the joys of Mommy-dom!
    Following from CafeMom Blog group :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I was not completely out; I definitely felt the pulling and tugging! I agree with everything you experienced! I didn't have the pain ball thing - I wish I had! I did experience lots of pain with my scar too; you are fortunate that you didn't! Ugh! So glad to have you following me!